The last thing on my mind

The last thing on my mind…well I really try to make it you, but then I start thinking stuff like; what is unicorns could fly, how would I feel jumping out of a plane? So sorry I don’t fall asleep thinking about you I try, I really do.

You build your castle in the sky and work on building the foundation under -Mr.V


The biggest struggle in life, but you keep your head high and remeber who you are.

Hold on to everything you have.

You need to remember what you have because one morning you will wake up and relise you lost everything. You know you wont be able to get it back with out stuggles and comitment.

Things I love

  1. Green eyes
  2. guys that work out
  3. tennis
  4. cheer
  5. great smiles
  6. little puppies
  7. stain glass windows
  8. art
  9. ice pops
  10. british accents
  11. true friends
  12. the color pink
  13. takeing photos
  14. guys in plaid
  15. gold fish
  16. red nail polish
  17. marines
  18. beaches
  19. clean bathrooms
  20. being outside
  21. The number 7 and 13
  22. sleeping in the car
  23. old cute couples<3
  24. socks
  25. math(:
  26. double rainbows
  27. giving advice
  28. swimming
  29. watching football
  30. Disney World(:

Stupid things that bother me

  1. fake nails
  2. getting game request on facebook
  3. when girls do the “duck face” in pictures
  4. sweat pants that dont have the scrunchies at the end
  5. when girls have their boobs hanging out of there shirts
  6. afros
  7. people that do things then tell others they shouldn’t do it
  8. getting up early
  9. tron legicy the movie
  10. girls that wear really baggy clothes
  11. bad smiles
  12. guys that wear too much calone
  13. guys that wear the same sweatshirt all the time
  14. ducks!
  15. when people bite there nails
  16. walmart
  17. druggies
  18. guys that “dip”
  19. droughts
  20. pointy grass
  21. lady gaga
  22. katie perry
  23. dogs that smell bad
  24. camo
  25. people that try to hard

whats bothers me most.

When i get pushed into something, if somebody pushes me to do something im going to do a bad job and its going to be sloppy. Im a very suborn person and I like things my way. People can tell when I dont want to do something because I wont talk to them or ill talk to everybody else about how i dont want to do it. I dont like to be told what to do it irratates me.

Go BIG or go home.

2012, I hope I say everything thats on my mind. I hope everybody knows I feel,

 I hope I make all my dreams come true. I truly hope i make mistakes and learn

 leasons from every single one of them! Lets make 2012 the best year so far<3

A picture is worth 1000 words.

If you knew that everyone you know was going to die tomorrow, who would you visit today?

well there is not enough hours in a day.

But i would deffinitly go visit my brothers, my real parents, friends in ohio, my grand-mother, and my family that is here.